The health and safety of our community is our highest priority and we request your cooperation. Due to an emergency Shelter in Place order effective March 17, 2020, the Permit Center is closed until further noticeNon-essential City services have been suspended through May 3, 2020. 


If you have a question or wish to discuss a project, please contact us at or (510) 577-3325. It is especially helpful if you are able to provide a digital copy of your proposed plans with your email.


Zoning is a tool used by the City to regulate the uses and development of land and is intended to protect property values, avoid conflicts between uses, guide new growth, and influence the design of new or expanded buildings. An interactive Zoning Map of the City is available.


The Planning division has a number of handouts available to help answer your questions. Planning permits may be required for certain development projects and uses before a Building permit can be issued. Planners are available at the Permit Center to help identify the approvals that may be required for your project.



The Planning Commission hears and recommends to the City Council on matters relating to the City’s General Plan, the development of the City and recommends zoning matters. The  Board of Zoning Adjustments (BZA) hears and decides upon applications for zoning matters, such as Conditional Use Permits, Site Plan Review, Sign Programs, and appeals of certain administrative decisions. 


For documents available for public review, as well as adopted plans such as San Leandro's Downtown Transit-Oriented Development Strategy, Climate Action Plan and 2035 General Plan.


Fees in the Planning Services Division are based on either direct costs or a flat rate. For applications with a direct cost, applicants must provide a deposit. Applications must be submitted in person at the Permit Center. Development Impact Fees can be found in the City's Administrative Code.


Information about ongoing Planning programs as well as links to map viewers, downloadable data, online records search, and other agencies and departments that are involved with the planning and development process.

San Leandro's Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Adjustments meetings are held in City Hall at 835 E. 14th Street on the first Thursday of each month at 7pm. Meetings are broadcast live as they happen on local public access television (Comcast channel 15 and AT&T U-Verse channel 99) and via the City’s website through Meeting Central. Televised meetings are scheduled to replay every Thursday morning between 9:45 AM and 1:00 PM and recordings are available online anytime



San Leandro's Planning Division directs current and long-range planning activities for the City, including processing and reviewing development proposals for residential, commercial, office and industrial projects; completing planning studies; preparing amendments to the General Plan, Zoning Code, and Zoning Map; coordinating with local, regional and state agencies; coordinating the City's environmental review procedures in accord with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and implementing the various city codes and ordinances relating to property and land use.

Planning staff also provide support to the City's Planning-related advisory bodies, such as the Planning Commission, Board of Zoning Adjustments and the Site Development Sub-Commission, regarding land use matters.


8 AM - 4 PM 

8 AM - 3 PM 





Lourdes Juarez Brianne Reyes Grace Wu, AICP
Planner I Planner II  Senior Planner
 Anjana Mepani Avalon Schultz, AICP Andrew Mogensen, AICP
 Senior Planner Principal Planner  Planning Manager