Shoreline Area Development

Shoreline Area Development


The City of San Leandro is  in the process of developing approximately 75 acres of its 950 acres of publicly owned shoreline.




In an October 9, 2017 Work Session, Cal-Coast Development presented new updates on the Monarch Bay Shoreline Development Project to the City Council. This update follows a prior update on April 3, 2017, when new designs were introduced that incorporated some notable changes, including the removal of buildings from the outer shoreline area and enhancement of park space in these areas, as well as the elimination of office space from the project.

Over the past year, the City and Cal-Coast Development have been working with the Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC) to ensure that the plans developed over the years with significant input from the community meet BCDC's regulations. The changes are largely the result of BCDC's requirement that the project plan for anticipated sea level rise of 65 inches. The mandate that the project raise the building floor an additional 30+ inches resulted in construction costs that were prohibitively high along the outer shoreline area.

Cal-Coast presented some striking graphic renderings, including video of the design concept. The new designs offer more open space and there is a general consensus that the project has been improved. The new concept maintains the 220-room hotel, half of which will be a Hyatt Place and the other half a Hyatt Home, two new restaurants, one of which will host an upstairs banquet facility, an apartment complex, single family and town houses. Additional park land for outdoor activities is provided, as well as a pedestrian promenade and bike lanes that connect the bay trail.


Summary of current project proposal

  • 220-room Hyatt Hotel
  • 5,000 square foot hotel restaurant
  • 7,500 square foot restaurant with upstairs banquet facility
  • 147 single family residences
  • 53 town home residences
  • 280 multi-family apartment residences
  • Enhanced recreational amenities to include:
  • Extensive park and plaza areas, including at Pescador and Mulford Points
  • Pedestrian promenade along shoreline and throughout development
  • Class 1 dedicated bike lane along roadways
  • Boat launch area
  • A new, 2,500 square foot Mulford-Marina Branch Library
  • Reconfiguration of Marina 9-hole executive Golf Course

To learn more about project updates and view the October 9 presentation, click HERE and HERE.

History & Vision of the Shoreline Development

Cal-Coast Development was selected to work closely with City staff, the City Council and the San Leandro community to create a multi-faceted, successful development along San Leandro's shoreline, and Exclusive Negotiating Rights Agreements with Cal Coast were approved by the City Council in October 2008 and April 2012.

The development process includes significant input from the Community.  In 2008 a Shoreline Citizens Advisory Committee (Shoreline CAC) commenced its first meeting and met at the Marina Inn on select Wednesdays at 7 P.M. over the course of three years.  Meetings were open to the public and all community members were invited to attend and provide input.  The Shoreline CAC fulfilled its mission and was disbanded in the Spring of 2011.  Read more information on the background and history of the Shoreline CAC including meeting highlights and past presentations.

Moving into the next stage of development, a Shoreline Advisory Group (SAG) was formed to continue to provide valuable community input on the Shoreline Development as it moves forward.  The SAG is comprised of 21 CAC members who expressed an interest in continuing.  Three new members of the community who demonstrated an expertise in design and architecture were added in November 2012.  Read more information on the SAG, including highlights and presentations.

The vision for the development is a comprehensive master plan for the Shoreline area that:

  • provides complementary amenities to the citizens of the City of San Leandro,
  • connects the amenities with current shoreline users,
  • recognizes the development value of this desirable regional location, and how commercial development can fund public amenities and services,
  • addresses logical phasing of development,
  • requires little or no City investment, and
  • results in a Shoreline which is self-supporting.

Project Approvals

On July 20, 2015, the City Council adopted a resolution certifying the Environmental Impact Report for the Shoreline Development Project along with the required findings and reports (Mitigation Findings, Findings Concerning Alternatives, Statement of Overriding Considerations and a Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program).   The Council also adopted resolutions to amend the General Plan Land Use Designation and rezone a portion of the site.

These actions mark and important step in moving the project forward.  Links to individual chapters of the Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR) for the San Leandro Shoreline Development Project can be found below:

The Draft Environmental Impact Report (Draft EIR) for the San Leandro Shoreline Development Project assessed the potential environmental impacts of the proposed project and examined the full range of potential environmental impacts based on the eighteen resource topic areas which included, but were not limited to, the following environmental topics:

  • Aesthetics Land Use and Planning
  • Air Quality Noise
  • Biological Resources Population and Housing
  • Geology, Soils and Seismicity Public Services and Recreation
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions Transportation and Traffic
  • Hazards and Hazardous Materials Utilities and Service Systems
  • Hydrology and Water Quality

 Links to individual chapters of the Draft EIR can be found below.

A map of the adopted General Plan Land Use Map Amendment for the Shoreline Development Area which changed the land use of approximately 12 acres on the golf course to RM - Residential is below.

General Plan Amendments

A map of the Zoning Map Amendments for the Shoreline Development Area which zoned the area West of Monarch Bay Drive CC - Community Commercial and two areas on the current golf course as RM - 2000 Residential, both with a Planned Development Overlay, is below.

Zoning Map Amendments

Katie Bowman, Economic Development Manager