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San Leandro to Host Community Meeting on Downtown Parking Strategies

Mayor Pauline Russo Cutter and the San Leandro City Council announced that the Engineering & Transportation Department will be hosting a community outreach meeting to discuss parking issues in the downtown area. The meeting will take place on Wednesday, August 5, 2015, from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. in the auditorium of the San Leandro History Museum, located at 320 West Estudillo Avenue in downtown San Leandro. The meeting will include extensive opportunities for the public to share ideas and concerns about parking in the downtown area. 

“Parking congestion throughout our downtown is an ongoing issue that community residents have made very clear needs to be looked at more closely,” noted Mayor Cutter. “For these reasons, the City has launched an intensive parking study and is seeking to start a conversation with the public in order to formulate potential solutions. I encourage San Leandrans to get involved and help the City in its efforts to address the community’s concerns.” 

In the downtown area, the City controls about 4,200 parking spaces, of which 2,780 are on-street and 1,420 are off-street, spread across seven parking facilities, including the recently renovated downtown parking garage. Parking regulations and controls have evolved over time and do not currently provide a cohesive parking strategy, which can impede effective land use and economic development planning efforts. For these reasons, the City is seeking to develop a comprehensive Downtown Parking Garage and Downtown Parking Management Plan. Goals of the plan include:

  • Better utilization of existing on- and off-street parking inventory

  • Developing strategies and solutions for short- and long-term parking needs downtown

  • Addressing access needs for residents, employees, customers and commuters in San Leandro across a range of transportation modes, including automotive, pedestrian, bicycle, and public transit.

The City has secured assistance from the Sustainable Communities Technical Assistance Program (SC-TAP) of the Alameda County Transportation Commission (ACTC) to conduct the Downtown San Leandro Parking Management Plan project. Under the supervision of Engineering and Transportation staff and in coordination with ACTC, the planning consulting firms PlaceWorks and CDM Smith will facilitate this study and will create the Downtown San Leandro Parking Management Plan. The goal of the Plan is to facilitate the systematic management of on- and-off-street parking in Downtown San Leandro in order to reduce traffic congestion and vehicle miles traveled, which are created by vehicles searching for available parking. These efforts, in turn, are designed to help bring about ideal parking occupancy rates and increased vitality throughout San Leandro’s downtown area.

For further details, please contact Reh-Lin Chen, Senior Transportation Engineer, at (510) 577-3438.