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I-580 Express Lanes Opening in Early 2016 Between Dublin and Livermore

Scheduled to open in early 2016, the new I-580 Express Lanes will improve the commute along the Tri-Valley corridor. Over a span of approximately 14 miles through Dublin, Pleasanton and Livermore, proven technology, traffic engineering expertise and dynamic pricing will improve the efficiency of all lanes through the corridor.

A FasTrak® or FasTrak Flex toll tag is required to use the lanes . Carpoolers ride toll-free with FasTrak Flex


Carpoolers will be able to use the new express lanes for free with a FasTrak® Flex toll tag set to 2 or 3+, while solo drivers will now have the option of paying to use lanes. Unlike existing express lanes on I-680 and SR-237, the I-580 lanes will feature near continuous access, so drivers can enter at almost any point instead of waiting for dedicated entry and exit zones. Tolls (collected via FasTrak) will vary based on the level of congestion. The project is a partnership between the Alameda County Transportation Commission (Alameda CTC), the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), and the California Highway Patrol (CHP). Express lanes encourage the use of carpools, vanpools and express buses with a seamless network of carpool lanes; make the best use of carpool lane capacity; offer a new choice to highway drivers; provide more reliable travel times; and better manage lanes to keep traffic moving.

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