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News Details

Natural Gas Pipeline Testing on Washington Ave between Fargo Ave & San Leandro Blvd.

What you can expect

The hydrostatic pressure test confirms the gas pipeline’s strength and operating pressure. During this test, we empty the pipeline of gas, fill it with water and increase the pressure to a level much higher than normal operating pressure. PGE will then repair or replace any pipeline that does not meet safety standards. You may see PG&E or contractor trucks, water tanks and heavy equipment. Work should not interrupt your gas service, but PGE will contact you directly if there are any changes. You may hear a loud steady noise and notice the smell of natural gas as we empty the pipeline in a controlled and safe manner. This is normal when crews are working, but we encourage anyone who has concerns to call us at 1-800-743-5000 or contact Chris Urango of PG&E at 510-881-6125 to answer any additional questions. To learn more about PG&E’s projects, visit

Traffic Impacts

This work may affect traffic (lane closures, traffic control, etc.) at times near the locations of where our work will take place. Crews may work evening hours and Saturdays as needed. PG&E will clearly mark all work areas, and traffic flaggers will help to direct traffic. Please plan for minor delays when driving through this area.