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America Recycles Day

What you can bring to recycle:
       •  Household batteries 
       •  Expired or unused medication (no controlled substances) 
       •  Mercury thermometers 
       •  Fluorescent lights and tubes or incandescent bulbs 
       •  CDs, DVDs, jewel cases, floppy disks, audio and video tapes 
       •  Cell phones and cell phone chargers 
       •  Empty toner cartridges

       •  San Leandro Residents only
       •  Remove all Excess Bags and Packaging from Products
       •  Place Batteries in Ziploc bags Separate from Other Products
       •  Medicines should be removed from their original containers and 
           placed in Ziploc Bags separate from other products
       •  All types of light bulbs accepted

The following items will NOT be accepted:
       •  Vitamins 
       •  Needles & sharps 
       •  Soaps & other personal care products 
       •  Electronic devices 
       •  Car batteries 
       •  Chemicals or paints 
       •  New toner cartridges 
       •  Light fixtures or ballasts

Unused medicine flushed or put down the drain can end up in our waterways and pollutes the environment.  You can make a world of difference by following prescriptions as directed, and then disposing of your unused portions properly.