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City-Wide Fiber Optic Loop Coming Soon

Public/Private Partnership Brings State-of-The-Art Connectivity to Commercial And Industrial Areas of San Leandro

The San Leandro City Council at its last meeting unanimously approved a license agreement with San Leandro Dark Fiber. The agreement will allow San Leandro Dark Fiber to install a fiber optic loop, known as "Lit San Leandro," of approximately ten miles through several areas of the City through existing conduit. While San Leandro has a rich manufacturing history, Lit San Leandro offers an opportunity to revolutionize San Leandro's infrastructure, positioning the City to be a major player in the high-tech and clean-tech economies.

"The computer revolution has given way to the cloud and data revolution. Companies that are driving this transformation in communications, manufacturing, and information technology need affordable properties zoned for commercial and industrial use served by a state-of-the-art dark fiber network," stated Mayor Stephen Cassidy. “We thank OSIsoft for partnering with us and look forward to assisting a new set of businesses in leveraging San Leandro's assets to become industry leaders in the data revolution.”

Lit San Leandro was conceived by Dr. J. Patrick Kennedy, a San Leandro resident, and president and founder of OSIsoft, one of the City’s largest employers. “In the 1950’s and 1960’s San Leandro civic leaders designed and built an infrastructure to attract manufacturers. This included construction of sewer, water, gas and electrical systems that were needed to support heavy industry and still hold value for today’s businesses” stated Dr. Kennedy. “The next generation of industrial businesses will require additional infrastructure to leverage computer technology, including fiber optic communication, ready access to software programmers and designers, and computing capability to create an urban manufacturing environment.” 

San Leandro enjoys multiple economic development advantages including close proximity to the Oakland International Airport and Port of Oakland, two major freeways, two BART stations, and access to a large and well-educated workforce in the City and East Bay. It has been a long-standing priority of the City to  maintain its industrial zoning and building stock.  San Leandro currently has over 23 million square feet of relatively affordable industrial space, much of which is located close to the future fiber loop.  

The Lit San Leandro fiber system will be connected to the outside world via fiber lines leased by BART’s Telecommunications Division. Businesses in San Leandro will be able to tap into a direct fiber connection to most long haul carriers and telecom suppliers, allowing them to connect to the external world, e.g. data centers, hubs, other offices, at extremely high speeds.

The license agreement allows San Leandro Dark Fiber to install fiber in the City’s conduit will run for an initial term of 20 years, with potential extensions running for another 20 years. The installation of the fiber loop will not require any public investment although City staff has begun working with OSIsoft and San Leandro Dark Fiber on efforts to market the system. The City will also receive approximately ten percent of the fiber capacity for its own use. That capacity will facilitate expansion of the City’s internal data communications as well as potential partnerships with other entities that can provide expanded broadband services for the community.

Businesses interested in learning more about the Lit San Leandro system can visit or contact San Leandro Dark Fiber directly at or by calling Crystal at (510) 347-2621. For more information on relocating to San Leandro, businesses can contact Business Development Manager Cynthia Battenberg at or (510) 577-3352.