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Many City Trees Damaged Due to Recent High Winds

City crews have responded in force to tree damage caused by recent high winds. Since 8:00pm on Tuesday, November 1, the City has received over 50 reports of trees and limbs down and debris in roadways. Since then, crews have been working around the clock focusing on the most critical tree-related hazards.

Last night crews responded to numerous reports of tree damage in and around the City Hall complex. Since that time, the Public Works Department has assigned additional personnel to respond to trees down, trees split, branches down and broken limbs in trees in public right-of-ways throughout the City. Crews have removed several trees and branches that have fallen on cars and fences and have downed utility lines. There have been no reports of damage to homes, businesses or City buildings. Parks crews are also responding to limbs down and other debris although there are no known hazards in City parks.

Crews will continue to respond to calls throughout the week, prioritizing hazards in the roadways. They also will prioritize their response when City street trees pose hazards to homes, vehicles and utility lines. Crews are available for 24-hour emergency response as needed. For additional information about storm-related maintenance activities and storm response, visit our Storm Information page.

The City of San Leandro Public Works Department is responsible for the ongoing maintenance of City street trees. To learn more information about City tree planting and maintenance, visit the City Tree Maintenance page.