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City Seeks Members to Serve on Measure Z Citizens’ Oversight Committee

The Mayor and San Leandro City Council are seeking to appoint members to the 5-person Measure Z Citizens' Oversight Committee.  Measure Z, the 0.25% sales tax ordinance approved by the voters in November 2010, requires that there be an oversight committee to review and report on the revenue and expenditure of funds from the tax.  

Duties of the Citizens’ Oversight Committee may include developing an annual report on the following:

  • Amounts of Transaction and Use Tax revenue generated by Measure Z.
  • Use of the tax revenue and the impact on the City’s operating budget including a statement on the impact of the revenue in reducing the amount of cuts resulting from addressing the budget shortfall.
  • Statement of expenditures funded by Measure Z revenues.
  • Impacts of Measure Z on local business competitiveness and the collection of Sales Tax revenues.
Appointments must come from the following qualifying criteria:

  • Officer of a city homeowner or neighborhood association
  • Member of a City Board or Commission
  • Owner or manager of a business located in San Leandro
Two other members of the committee will be recommended by the San Leandro Chamber of Commerce and the Downtown Business Association.

Individuals meeting one or more of the above criteria are encouraged to complete a Member Application for the Citizen Oversight Committee.  Deadline for submittal is June 13, 2012.   For more information and for an application, clicker here