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News Details

Winter Storm Advisory Now in Effect

A Winter Weather Warning has been issued for the bay area for Thursday Dec 11th. Heavy rain, high winds, and possible flooding is expected. For more information on what you can do to prepare, please visot: 

Drive slowly and carefully. Do not drive through accumulated water, it can be difficult to judge how deep standing water is. 

Do not walk through flooded areas 

Traffic signals that are flashing red or have no power should be treated as a four way stop. 

Do not touch downed wires. Contact 911 if you see a wire that is down and sparking. 

If you encounter a downed city tree or a blocked roadway contact the Public Works department. 

If a tree belonging to you falls and is blocking a roadway or has fallen onto private property, contact a private tree company to help with removal. 

Staying tuned to local radio and television news sources for the latest weather information. The City of San Leandro posts emergency information on the local radio channel AM 1610.. 


For questions regarding a power outage or to report one, please contact PG&E at 1-800-743-5002.

To report downed power lines, please call 911

If you experience emergency flooding or if there is a hazard caused by a downed tree or limb, please use the following contact numbers: 

During regular business hours (7 A.M. to 3:30 P.M. Monday - Friday), call 577-3440 (Public Works Department) 

After hours, and on weekends and holidays, call 577-2740  (Police Dispatch)

Do not call 911 to report flooding unless rising water poses an immediate threat to life or safety. 

Tree crews will respond to downed trees and limbs based on the seriousness of the hazard. During a storm, priority is given to removing trees and limbs from streets and sidewalks.  Crews will also prioritize street tree and limb removal from homes, cars and power lines. 

Property owners are reminded that clean-up of privately owned trees and branches is the responsibility of the owner, whether the clean-up is on owner's property or neighboring property, including City property 

Property owners should contact private tree trimming/removal companies, their insurance company, and utilities directly if their private tree falls and causes damage to their property. Private trees should be properly trimmed and maintained in advance of storm season to prevent tree failure and serious damage to private property during storms. 

Regretfully, the City's stock of burlap sandbags has been exhausted.  The City is attempting to procure more bags and will post an update once new stock is available. For the time being, the remaining sand is still located outside the Public Works Dept gates at 14200 Chapman Road and can be accessed any time of day. Residents who are able to provide their own bags may fill up to ten (10) bags per household while the sand supply lasts.