Storm Water

Storm Water

 Storm Drain Motor oil, paint products, chemicals, litter and other pollutants contaminate local waterways and threaten wildlife when they enter storm drains. Releasing pollutants that threaten the watershed may result in significant penalties and cleanup costs.

Environmental Services responds to reports of illegal dumping into storm drains by individuals and businesses and enforces federal, state and local water quality laws and regulations by inspecting local  facilities to ensure that they comply with water quality regulations.

San Leandro's Storm Water Management and Discharge Control Ordinance (Chapter 3-15 of the San Leandro Municipal Code) may be found at


Required Permits for Industry & Construction

The State Water Resources Control Board requires permit coverage for specified types of industrial activities and construction activities.

For more information about either the Industrial Activities Storm Water General Permit or the Construction General Permit, contact the State Water Resources Control Board at 1-866-563-3107 or online at

Contact the City of San Leandro Engineering and Transportation Department, Land Development Section at (510) 577-3428 for specific requirements for construction activities.

Allowable Discharges

The storm water collection system exists to drain runoff of rainwater. However, the following discharges may be allowed on a conditional basis using best management practices:

  • Individual car washing
  • Pool and spa water (must be free of chlorine and algae)
  • Foundation drains
  • Air conditioning condensate
  • Incidental irrigation

For more information about best management practices, visit the Alameda County Clean Water Program at

For more information about watershed-related events and activities in San Leandro, visit the Friends of San Leandro Creek at