Marina Berthing Information

Marina Berthing Information

 Marina Berth

Berthing Rates

Rates include water and a dock box at each berth. Electricity charges are calculated based on KWHs used times the PG&E rate for the period of use. Cable TV and telephone service are available at a majority of the berths. Berth rental is payable monthly.

The overall length of the vessel and all equipment thereon shall not exceed the length of the berth (no overhangs).

Electricity is available at all berths. Depending on the length of the berth, the amperage provided is 20, 30, 50-125v, or 50-125/250v.

For transient boaters, the charge is $20.00 per night for vessels 59 feet and under, and $40.00 per night for vessels 60 feet and up.

For additional information about berthing your boat at the San Leandro Marina, please view the berthing requirements.   

     *  The City is no longer accepting new berthers due to the on-going build-up of silt in the harbor.

Effective July 1, 2018

Berth Length (Feet)

Open Berth (Per Month)

Covered Berth (Per Month)

24 $223.20
28 $260.40
32 $297.60
36 $334.80
40 $372.00 $484.00
44 $409.20
48 $446.40 $580.80
60 $558.00 $726.00